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Chinese Artefacts



The Cromwell Museum cares for many Chinese archaeological artefacts and objects that tell some of the stories of the lives of Chinese miners. A hand carved schist Chinese Grave Marker in the collection had its origins in the Chinese settlement in Melmore Terrace and was excavated in 1980. It was revealed that it belonged to a man from the Toi Shan Province, Ning County. 

In 1981 the Ministry of Works commissioned archaeologist Neville Ritchie to undertake an excavation of Cromwell’s Chinatown before the filling of Lake Dunstan. The Cromwell Chinatown was the best preserved example of Chinese life in Otago having been occupied from 1870 to 1920. The Cromwell Museum has a collection of items that were uncovered during this dig. 

Chinese Headstone.jpg
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