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Cromwell Museum

We are currently looking for two trustees to join our board.

Applications close November 14th 2022. See our Facebook page for more details

List of our trustees

  • Jim Walton

    Jim is a current member of the museum trust board with a strong interest in the heritage of the district and its preservation for future generations promoted through the displays and services offered by the museum to the public.

  • Joan Lawrence Dip.Tch, M.A.

    Joan and her family are involved in Aurum Wines, an organic vineyard and winery near Cromwell established nearly 20 years ago. Joan's background is in archaeology, and her speciality is in archaeological illustration. Her great love of gardening and history is reflected in the two journals she edited , 'Heritage Roses in New Zealand' and 'Archaeology in New Zealand'.

  • Martin Anderson

    Martin was a founder trustee of the Museum and continues in this role. Martin is also President of the Otago Goldfields Heritage Trust and is a trustee of the Central Otago Heritage Trust. He has a strong interest in the whole heritage sector particularly the development of heritage strategies for the district.

  • Wayman Roughan

    Wayman Roughan is one of the founder trustees of the Cromwell Museum. His forbears were some of the first settlers in Gabriel's Gully which has given him a keen interest in the heritage of the gold mining in Central Otago. He was Chairman of the 150th Celebrations of the discovery of gold at Gabriel's Gully in 2011. Wayman has had a long association with local bodies focusing on the heritage and Community Development of the region.

  • Peter Mead

    Peter is mindful that the Museum as it stands today is a windfall bestowed during a period of major investment in community assets at the time of hydro development. He is particularly interested that effective and appropriate stewardship is applied in the operation and maintenance of the Museum. Peter has an extensive background in governance and financial management.

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